Portable Calibrator 230V Lode

The Calibrator Ultra is an easy to set up and very accurate portable calibration station.

The calibration station is controlled by a PC or laptop.

With this station it is possible to control or calibrate all existing ergometers accurately.

The Lode Calibrator is mounted on the axis of the ergometer.

This system is approved by an independent institute, and is used by calibration institutes all over the world since 1993.

Calibrations can be done up to 1500 watt.

Due to the possibilities you create when using a normal PC to calibrate the calibrator you can print a calibration report for your customer and/or create your own database of calibration data.

The Calibrator Ultra is a professional Calibration station, made by Lode, which helps you to professionalize your calibrations and make your service more efficient.

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